Security Consulting

The Praetorian Group offers a comprehensive security analyses, with a focus across four main areas of vulnerability: risk management, security planning, security engineering and information security.

Risk management involves identifying, assessing and understanding all the threats involved in a situation. It is the development of a strategy that serves as the foundation for a security plan, and the measures that need to be implemented to execute the plan successfully. Risk management ensures that the organization develops and sets in motion a plan which eliminates, prevents, or reduces the impact of a loss.

Security planning, on the other hand, is a tactical determination of the actions that the organization needs to put in place to achieve the security goals in the short or medium term. It does this by finding harmony between the client needs, economic resources, required manpower, and the latest viable technology. A seasoned security consultant will first define and analyze the need, match it with the appropriate resources, and plan any necessary action.

Security Engineering focuses on designing and integrating security processes into current and future activities. These activities include identifying the objective; applying security guidelines; simulating threat models; performing security testing; and conducting architecture and design reviews. The process of Security Engineering allows us to seamlessly integrate security into a client’s personal lifestyle or organizational operations.

Information Security involves analyzing and assessing the risks associated with a company’s information processing and dissemination. This analysis focuses on external security threats, internal security threats, and a thorough review of employees’ habits. A key element of Information Security is developing control mechanisms that restrict information access to only those who need it.

The Praetorian Group uses custom designs in our approach to security assessment and can assist small companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations with programs to protect a company’s assets and employees. To learn more about our security consulting services, contact us.