The Praetorian Group is a personal protection firm that provides professional threat, risk and crisis management solutions to the global elite. We bring a new approach to personal security through custom security solutions and state of the art technologies. We have solutions specifically designed and architected for:

  • Artists
  • Celebrities
  • Sports figures
  • Corporate executives
  • Heads of state
  • Dignitaries
  • High profile individuals

In today’s world, public figures face a plethora of security issues. Activist groups, opportunists, physical threats, intimidation and stalking all continue to plague individuals who appear in the public eye. These ongoing threats often make full-scale and around the clock security a necessary and integral requirement for their lives. As concerns continue to escalate, high-risk individuals and corporations look to professional security agencies to provide protection and to meet their security needs head on. This is where the Praetorian Group comes in.

Our services include but are not limited to private and confidential security consulting, executive protection, contingency planning and response, and surveillance and counter surveillance methods. Our personal protection professionals are trained in all the tactics necessary to provide a high level of static protection for residences and offices, in addition to methods and strategies for clients traveling either domestically or abroad. All the measures used to protect our clients are legally defensible, as our aim is to protect our clients from not only the threat of personal attack, but also any issues of legal liability that they may be exposed to.

Most importantly, the Praetorian Group understands the significance of keeping our clients’ reputations intact. Knowing this full well, our security methods become a natural extension of the client. We take our clients’ individual needs into account and plan our strategies and tactics according to their specific demands.

At the Praetorian Group, we don’t just protect lives–we promote one’s quality of life by providing ultimate peace of mind.


Statement from Ed Majcina, Founder


Ed Majcina, Founder, Praetorian Group

As I began building the Praetorian Group, I was invited to the AHA Foundation’s annual conference. They defend and protect women’s rights against honor killings, forced marriage, and genital mutilation. I was invited because I rescued a girl in Iraq from an honor killing. As I sat through the conference, I realized that there is a need for highly trained elite professionals to perform these kind of life-saving operations and security services all over the world.

I knew that the services that we wanted to offer would be high-end personal protection (bodyguards), threat assessments, and other specialty service offerings, but I wanted our approach to be a fresh one. I knew that in this industry, the ability to constantly adapt to using the latest technology to it’s fullest advantage is a rare commodity. Although, this may seem like common sense, very few are doing this with our level of expertise. We need to be scanning for threats on Twitter and whatever the latest social or technology platform is. If you’re not doing this, there’s a chance that you’re missing threat indicators and leaving your client’s safety at risk.

Another differentiator is our goal to provide the client with adequate protection while taking into account the fact that the bodyguard needs to fit the environment or corporate culture we are deploying him/her into. It’s not uncommon for a client to have a request for a specific skin color, background, or nationality. Security is an extension of the client, and image is everything.

The fact that we combine best practice from both the personal security and information security technologies in real-time, puts us ahead of the competition by leaps and bounds. Our target clients are entertainment celebrities, sports figures, CEO’s, royalty, and dignitaries.

These are just a few of the things that set Praetorian Group apart.